55 years serving to the bedding and upholstery industry

Industrias Subiñas, a company specializing in the production of spring units for bedding and upholstery industry since 1959.
We base our guarantee in the highest quality of our products such as Bonnell, Pocket and LFK spring units.

Subiñas is a group of companies, all specialized in the bedding and upholstery industry with clients in different countries beyond our frontiers (UE, America, and Africa).

Industrias Subiñas offers a quality service to our clients from our different facilities in Spain (Bilbao, Zaragoza, Jaen and Murcia). Our commitment is the key of our success. We focus in helping our customer sell their products. If there is any characteristic that defines the service of Industrias Subiñas in this field is its avant-gardism.


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Vizcaya factory (Main office)
Pol. Ind. Ugaldeguren III P-28 B
48170 Zamudio - Vizcaya
Tel (+34) 944 538 821
Fax (+34) 944 538 829
Email info@subinas.es

Zaragoza factory
Ctra. Valencia Km. 11
50420 Cadrete - Zaragoza
Tel (+34) 976 126 198
Fax (+34) 976 126 152
Email info@subinas.es

Jaen factory
Avenida Forja 2
23610 Martos - Jaén
Tel (+34) 953 554 014
Fax (+34) 953 554 013
Email info@subinas.es

Warehouse in Murcia
C/ Doctor Barraquer
i Roviralta, 6
Pol. Ind. Las Teresas
30510 Yecla - Murcia
Tel (+34) 968 794 362
Email subinas.yecla@subinas.es

USA factory
4 Market Circle
Windsor - CT 06095 USA
Tel 1 (+1) 860 298 04 01
Tel 2 (+1) 860 878 44 21
Email subinasusa@subinas.es